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From pre-sale patient guidance to professional design,Professional production and excellent installation and after-sale in a timely manner,Peter pan provide trampoline park one-stop professional services group

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The company throughASTM, TUV, CE,SGS,BV,CEAnd a series of product certification,At the same time the companyISO9001Management system certification

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Peter pan sponge pool trampoline

Sponge pool is made up of colorful sponge,Usually with a trampoline,Players can make the diving movement on the trampoline,Can do all kinds of sponge pool game,At the same time also sponge pool can be above do fighting stick or flat belt, etc。?Filled with a lot of sponge sponge pool area,The user can through a variety of ways into the sponge pool,All kinds of experience“Air Jordan”The sense of full pool of sponge will provide security for the user,Let the customer enjoy the release of the self。Filled with a lot of sponge sponge pool area,The user can through a variety of ways into the sponge pool,All kinds of experience“Air Jordan”The sense of full pool of sponge will provide security for the user,Let the customer enjoy the release of the self。

Spiderman sticky bee trampoline factory direct sale

Spiderman is also called sticky,Because of its earliest is yellow and black,Some customers will image is called small bee,Then stretched like superman、Spider-man, etc,Let only yellow black modelling the choice of more and more interesting choices。Usually the height of the spiderman in the ground3.aa0004Meters,Part of the site for the customer's requirements can be appropriate for shorter,But the highest highly don't recommend more than4M,The shortest advice below3M,Otherwise the overall interest and playability will be significantly reduced。Spiderman has its unique taste,But there are also some disadvantages,Such as the relatively short life,And if the Ann

Peter pan group dry snow slides

Dry snow slide is an improved product,Is the combination of the slide and grass skiing,Before long90The degree of vertical large slide and colourful grass skiing,Most of them were used alone,But later through technology improvement,The grass skiing is combined with slide together,Just had now dry snow slides。Skiing is mainly the northeast project or partial city in the north,The south because climate cause cannot reach the real meaning of skiing,Now play dry snow slides,Whether the south north can experience the enjoyment of skiing,At the same time because of the drought snow slides are usually with the trampoline park,Most are indoors,So don't have to go to test

Peter pan amusement equipment group co., LTD. Was established2007Years,Is located in“Chinese teaching toys”Yongjia county, wenzhou city, zhejiang province town under the bridge,The registered capital 1One hundred million yuan, Is a professional research and design of the trampoline park、Sales of production、Transport installation、After-sales maintenance services,The company produces the trampoline parkCE、TUV、SGSAnd a series of certification,At the same time have a number of design and utility patents。


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Promote the sports spirit,Spread a trampoline culture,Professional manufacturer of trampoline park,Peter pan group welcomes you!

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Three or four cities and small towns of the trampoline park strategy
When doing the trampoline park,How many people are entangled with location choice,Or is choice a second-tier cities in the county or township,Because the trampoline park belong to a small investment,For customers with these ideas and concerns are very understanding,To solve these problems,Trampoline park one-stop professional service providers Peter pan group is relatively professional answers to these questions and Suggestions,But late specific how to operate and perform still give priority to with local actual situation。??For the trampoline park,Site selection is usually pay attention to two conditions,The first is the site itself a hardware conditions,Such as the height、Shape、Knot
Peter pan group take you play2019In the international gymnastics federation parkour's World Cup
Parkour(Parkour)Also called“City disease”,Is the fashion popular global extreme sports,In daily life environment for sports venues,On its own energy,Fast、Effective、Reliably controlling the movement of any known and unknown environment art,Very are ornamental。Because of parkour in pursuit of physical and mental limits、Practice method、Specifications and scoring criteria and exercises are very similar,Has formally incorporated into the international gymnastics federation。As an international professional parkour,This session of parkour World Cup have three station,First settled in qingbaijiang district,For a period2Days,Set up men's racing(Freestyle)、Women's racing(Freedom
Peter pan group power international parkour World Cup be the only one official partner enterprise in zhejiang province
2019Parkour in trampoline World Cup held in chengdu on schedule,Peter pan amusement equipment group co., LTD., become an official partner of parkour's World Cup,But also the only one official partner enterprises in zhejiang province,With the world focus on sports events,Spread sports culture together。It is reported,2019In the international gymnastics federation parkour's World Cup(InternationalAType of event)In4Month4Day-4Month8Day was held in the headquarters,From the UK、France、Such as China17Countries and regions34Parkour player in the competition,At willCCTV5Live sports channel name。Parkour is an emerging city sport,Sunshine fashion,Deep

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Make full use of your space,The style of the building itself according to you and your personal preferences,

Tailor trampoline park for you,And into the conceptual design

The character and style of the detail design of the best,Rigorous engineering drawings,

To ensure the production and construction in accordance with the design requirements。......


1. 1977In ever taught in the toy factory,To build China's first round trampoline。

2. 2003Renamed in wenzhou good light amusement equipment co., LTD,To register the China's first trampoline brand at the same time“A good light”,In the same year, introduction of foreign technology to build China's first set of adult trampoline,And the production of liuhe、Snap a first-class trampoline are exported to Europe and the United States。......


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